About the AVA

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the peak national body representing the Australian veterinary profession, delivering a range of services and benefits to over 9,000 members. Our members are veterinarians in practice, industry, government and academia. For nearly 100 years, we’ve represented vets in every corner of Australia – and we always will. Australia’s only collective voice for vets, we are experienced advocates and active leaders on all issues of animal health and welfare.

About ASAV

Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV) is the special interest group that focuses on small animals within the Australian Veterinary Association. Companion animal vets around Australia look to the ASAV for services that maintain and increase their skills and knowledge. Continuing professional development in all areas of clinical veterinary medicine is a key service provided by the group. The advancement of veterinary science in relation to companion animal health and welfare is another key objective.

ASAV initiated the formation of the Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF) and is active in raising funds for research into the causes and prevention of disease in companion animals.

In addition to a vast array of continuing professional development opportunities, we also provide companion animal practitioners with clinical publications and resources to help them reach and maintain the highest levels of professional practice.

We are an affiliate member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FASAVA) and Partners for Healthy Pets.

ASAV recognises the contribution of individuals to the profession with a variety of awards; Small Animal Practitioner of the Year, Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award and The John Holt Award for Distinguished Service, as well as offering student scholarships and prizes. These awards and scholarships are presented each year at the ASAV annual conference

About SCGV

As at 1 July 2017, Australian Sheep Veterinarians (ASV) and Australian Alpaca Veterinarians (AAV) have merged to become the Sheep, Camelid and Goat Veterinarians (SCGV), a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd. SCGV aims to:

  • promote the professional development of sheep, camelid and goat veterinarians,
  • to raise the standards of sheep, camelid and goat veterinary practice and,
  • improve the health, welfare and productivity of the sheep, camelid and goat industries within Australia.


The Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG) aims to improve human and animal welfare by increasing the understanding of animal behaviour and its significance in veterinary science.

Far from being a small niche of veterinary medicine, behavioural problems remain a leading cause of euthanasia in young pets and most consultations seen by a general practitioner have a behavioural component to them.

A greater understanding of behavioural medicine will lead to improved animal welfare and strengthening of the human-animal bond.